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An argumentative essay is one that looks at a particular argument and discusses both opposing viewpoints. Generally, the writer of an argumentative essay will agree with a particular point of view, but they will present both sides of the argument to provide a balanced and objective text.

Argumentative essays are notorious for writing—writers can often give too many opinions and lose sight of the purpose of the text. Furthermore, they may fail to cover both sides of the issue in sufficient detail. Also, you can read the guide below which will be of great help to you when writing an argumentative essay - good luck!

Understand the topic and opposing viewpoints

To write an effective argumentative essay, you need to understand both points of view. If you do not have a clear understanding of the topic, your essay will lack clarity and validity. Before writing anything, research the topic and outline both sides of the story. List the main points of each argument - this will help you when writing your essay.

Outline your essay

It is important to have a clear outline and structure for your essay. This is true for any type of essay - it will help you collect your thoughts. An argumentative essay should follow a specific structure - you don't have to religiously stick to this structure, but it will help to clearly outline both sides of the topic. 

1. Introduction - Both the topic and the argument should be explained briefly in the introduction. In the introduction, you can outline which side of the argument you are supporting and provide some background information.

2. Body - The body of the text where you discuss the indicators relative to each side of the argument. You should include at least 4 discussion points for each argument. If you are having trouble in writing an essay or you have questions like what is a college paper, you can always use case study writing services.

3. Conclusion – The conclusion should only reinforce your point and summarize what has been discussed.

For each argument, include at least 4 pointers

To provide sufficient detail for each argument, it is recommended to add at least 4 separate pointers for each. Furthermore, you can provide your readers with details that they can digest and understand.

Always back up your argument points with evidence

This is opinion then what is the argument? If your argument has no basis in fact, it will eventually fall on deaf ears. You must reiterate your opinion with facts and evidence. Use statistics from official sources and make sure you cite your sources as well.

Be objective and avoid ignoring one side of the argument

As mentioned in the introduction, an argumentative essay will fail if you only cover one side of the argument. If you do this, your essay will appear biased and readers will be less inclined to agree with your points. In your essay, you must state your opinion, but you should also include opposing views. You don't have to agree with what the counterargument is saying, but you should write objectively rather than negatively. You should use your opinion, but also provide enough facts and figures so readers can make an informed decision for themselves.

We hope you find this guide useful. Remember the above points the next time you have to write an argumentative essay. Make sure you cover both sides of the argument and that you use facts and figures to support your statement. Good luck to you!

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